The Forum at Marvin Hall

Colt provided operable wood sunshades that matched the architects vision to have practical shading for the interior space.

Operable wood sunshades Naturally-ventilated glass facade Reduce solar heat gain Architects vision to have practical shading for the interior space

The Forum uses Marvin’s powerful rusticated limestone walls as its starting point. Ever respectful of the building’s existing architecture, the addition’s new roof is supported by timber-frame trusses, as used in the original. The building is then wrapped in the region’s most sophisticated, naturally-ventilated glass facade. It is the perfect metaphor for bridging the School’s first century with its future. The Forum builds on the past, yet takes advantage of tremendous advances in building technology. It brings forth the transparency that is part of today’s collaborative educational culture.

Project details
  • Location: University of Kansas
  • Client: University of Kansas, Studio 804
  • Main Contractor: Studio 804
  • Architect: Studio 804
Products used
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