Industrial ventilation systems: creating a healthy and productive internal climate

Colt industrial ventilation systems harness the natural elements to create ideal internal working conditions in heavy industry. We design ventilation systems which ensure that temperatures are lowered and productivity is enhanced.

A good internal climate can:

  • Increase productivity, which results from a healthy and comfortable environment for the occupiers.
  • Eliminate heat stress potential in summer months, resulting in improved worker safety conditions.
  • Improve functioning of and lower maintenance costs for manufacturing processes as well as production equipment, resulting from operating in ideal conditions.
  • Increase shelf life and safeguard product quality, resulting from goods being able to be processed and stored in ideal conditions.

The benefits of natural ventilators:


  • Cost nothing to operate
  • Require virtually no maintenance
  • Are silent in operation
  • Have a long life span.

For more information to assist designers, see our design approaches for industrial ventilation page.

Colt’s partner for North America

For industrial ventilation Colt has partnered with Moffitt Corporation. Based in Jacksonville Beach, Florida, Moffitt specializes in designing ventilation systems for heavy industries such as glassworks, steelworks, power stations and aluminum smelters.

Moffitt/Colt’s products include:

  • Natural ventilators
  • Wall louvers
  • Axial and specialty fans, centrifugal exhaust fans and fiberglass ventilation products
  • Associated control systems.

View our products page to find out more.

Colt projects

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