Design approaches for natural ventilation and smoke control

For natural ventilation and smoke control / heat and smoke exhaust ventilation we offer both controllable natural smoke control ventilators and smoke containment systems (otherwise known as smoke curtains).

As these systems can provide both building ventilation and smoke control, such dual-purpose natural ventilation systems meet the requirements for low energy ventilation in contemporary commercial and industrial buildings.

Cost-effective and energy-efficient climate control

Our natural ventilation systems harness wind and heat to create a comfortable and healthy internal environment, with optimal temperature and humidity levels, and good air quality.

Our natural ventilation schemes consist of automatically opening and closing windows and rooflights, and can range from a simple open/close switch to a fully integrated energy management system with carbon dioxide and temperature measuring, weather sensors and interfaces with building management systems.

These systems can provide a highly energy efficient solution that requires a small initial investment to maintain a good internal climate with extremely low running and maintenance costs.

Why smoke control / smoke ventilation systems?

Smoke control systems, which include smoke ventilation and smoke containment, save lives and help protect property. Such systems come in many forms and range widely in complexity, but the benefits of a well-designed smoke control system during a fire include:

  • Escape and access routes are kept free from smoke
  • Fire fighting operations are facilitated
  • Flashover is delayed and/or prevented, and the risk of the fire developing further is reduced
  • The contents of the building are protected
  • There is a reduced risk of damage to the building.

The components of smoke control systems

Smoke control systems can include natural smoke and heat exhaust ventilation systems and smoke containment systems. Components (smoke ventilators, smoke barriers, inlet ventilators, etc) should comply with all prevailing standards.

Smoke and heat exhaust ventilation systems

Natural smoke and heat exhaust ventilation systems remove smoke from the building allowing escape routes and fire fighters’ entry routes to be kept clear of smoke and reducing damage to the building.

Smoke containment systems

Smoke containment systems prevent the movement of smoke and heat from one area to another. These take the form either of physical barriers such as smoke curtains or fire curtains.

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