Colt custom solutions: achieving what is unconventional

Colt Sun Tracking louvers and LS4 natural ventilation and Smoke Vent system. These louvres are installed from ground level up to the eaves and are made from spruce and fir, giving the building a unique character. Many of the glass louvres are coloured crating a subtle effect inside the building. Textile Shadotex louvres provide effective shading of this award winning building. This complete test building moves in accordance with the position of the sun and the seasons of the year. The building has been nearly entirely wrapped in louvres made of PTFE glass fibre Shadotex textile louvres. Louvres are individually adjustable and have greatly reduced the energy use of the building. The louvres give an appearance of a fish moving. The louvres themselves consist of a total of 380 fixed and 300 moveable louvres installed vertically on a building which has an exceptionally high thermal performance.

Our innovative technical solutions and expertise can turn an architect's vision into reality. If you have an unusual requirement, we can work with you to develop a special solution.

We can provide calculations and modelling to ensure the proposed solution offers the best performance, and to see how far the design envelope can be extended. We can also make use of our extensive test facilities to build and test physical models.

The images in the gallery show some of the bespoke projects that we have worked on.

See examples of some of our bespoke designs on our Flickr site.

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