North West Vista College

Colt were asked to provide a solution to the problem of solar heat gain and glare being experienced by the North West Vista College within its Library and Commons Building. After discussions with Overland Partners, Colt came up with the solution of a horizontal controllable louver system.

Horizontal controllable solar shading louver Interior view of the library at North West Vista College

The Architect desired that the widest possible louvers would be used as part of the sun shading solution. Accordingly Colt custom-designed and supplied multi-piece architectural metal louvers with a width of 34” (850mm). These louvers are controlled automatically to maximize the solar protection within the building during the day, but at night they open fully for a clear view into the building allowing easier visibility for security purposes.

The overall project was so successful that Colt has been asked by the University to provide a second louver system in the next phase of renovations of the campus in the near future.

Project details
  • Location: San Antonio
  • Client: North West Vista College
  • Main contractor: Austin Commercial
  • Consulting Engineer: Ford Powell & Carson
  • Specialist Contractor: RPC Contracting
  • Architect: Overland Partners Architects
Products used
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